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A waking dream. [Jun. 4th, 2006|04:46 pm]
Fannish Thoughts and Fics



It was a strange sensation, the wind pushing against his body resisting it’s rival gravity in some sort of battle for who would lay claim to Al.

He could only see the ground below him stretching out in all directions as he fell confused and lost, swimming through the sky towards the grey earth below.

How strange…wasn’t Dizzy just here? For that matter where did my room go?

As the ground seemed to grow closer faster Al could make out the lines where the concrete and stone changed to form buildings. Squares and rectangles loomed before him as his body turned and the world seemed to fill the sky as he rose to meet it.

Closer, faster, Must be dreaming that’s all, if I blink real hard I should
wake up, I always do.

He closed his eyes tightly and opened them again, the ground seemed so close he could almost see the cars on the streets.

He seemed to be destined to land on a tall building, looming closer then all the others.

Well here’s hoping I land on a soft patch of concrete. Al mused hoping the impact would wake him.



Al’s eyes opened sharp and he gasped, panting, beads of sweat forming on his forehead, “What they who…” He froze, looked around slowly taking in his surroundings until he settled on Lance.

“Good morning.” Lance said with a confused nervous chuckle.

Al’s face had no emotion for a moment but then he stood up and glanced around again, “Ok so let’s see.” he spoke as if he hadn’t even seen Lance. “I’m on a building in a very large city…” Al walked away from Lance to the edge where he gazed out over the city that seemed to stretch on forever on one direction, and then stop suddenly at the green sea.

“And when I come to Lance meets me.” He turned to examine Lance closely.

He turned on his heel and put a hand to his chin, stroking it as he contemplated, “What could it all mean?” He mused.